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Dienstag, 28. Februar 2023

Alcina Dimitrescu (Resident Evil Village)


Michi painted another resin cast that was sculpted by Brother Vinni. It's a tall miniature which represents a tall lady. According to her gaming background from the computer game Resident Evil Village, she is a giant of 2.90m or 9' 6". She is said to feed on human flesh and blood to retain her regenerating abilities. Her appearance is that of a deadly pale vampire. Michi tried to match this desription:

The comparison with two normal 28mm miniatures clearly shows her height and physical superiority. 

The gagged and bound girls are lead casts from What the ?! Miniatures. Brian from Weird WW II says: "They are the twins that follow Lilith and are called the Sage sisters.  These twins were born in late 13th century England.  The sisters entered the church at an early age and were very devote and passionate within the sisterhood.  It is said that once Lilith set her eyes on the two, she was instantly enslaved by her own lust for their purity.  Lilith’s addiction to the twins is so intense that they are always at her side so she can take them at a moments notice.  The sisters are bound and gagged because their faith has keep them from Lilith's enslavement and if they were able to speak they could themselves seduce Lilith to their will.  Once if it were not for several of Lilith's slaves, she would have killed herself when one of the twins freed her gag and told her to do so.  It is not know how the two remain the same age of their capture but it is obviously mystical in nature.  It is not known if the two are sane but they still act as if they are.  Whatever depravity and hell the twins have been through, it is theorized that given the chance they would end their torment by destroying their mistress without hesitation." Well, Brian will receive this commission soon and it's up to him to decide if the models will keep on following Lilith or rather obey Alcina's command now...

Montag, 27. Februar 2023

Wonder Woman's Guard of Honour

Another commission from Weird World War II painted by Michi: A small phalanx of Amazones to guard and protect their Princess Diana, commonly known as "Wonder Woman". 

The miniatures are resin casts which were mastefully sculpted by Brother Vinni. Helm crests are painted in red, white and blue to match their superheroine's adopted garments.

With the amazones came another sculpt by Brother Vinni, also a resin cast: A sacrifice for some cthulhoid creature from the deep or is it a minion of Hydra? With Weird World War 2 you never know...

Finally there is another creature of the night, probably for gothic horror tales. Michi doesn't know who made the metal miniature, but Brian said it shows an incubus with his human lover rather than a vampire with a victim.

Finally a group shot of those who travel to Texas soon...


Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2023

3D printed Walls and Floors

In 2021, I backed a Kickstarter project: "Loot-A-Shack" by Alexandros Stamateas. 3D printable terrain parts suitable for various modern wargaming genres.

Only two years later, I finally got around to taking a closer look at the extensive files and possibilities. Here are a few test prints, which I also magnetized with 3mm magnets so that the parts can be assembled modularly.

Printed with resin on an Elegoo Mars2Pro. About 6 wall and floor elements fit on one printing plate.

Printing was trouble free, painting takes a little longer than I thought due to the beautiful details. But it is a lot of fun.