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Montag, 30. August 2021

Zona Alfa: Recon Mission

Recon mission in the outskirts.
"What are we looking for?"
"I don't know either, but she said we'll know the minute we spot it."
"I don't like that. Sergej told me something about ghosts he's seen here before."
"Sergej sees ghosts mainly at the bottom of his vodka bottle! Quiet now and move on!"
A distant, low pitched growl echoes down the street...

Both figures are free STLs and SLA prints. The left one is from an unfortunately unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign "Road to Survival", the right one I'm not sure where to find anymore.

Donnerstag, 26. August 2021

"Undead are a lie"

A little piece of scenery in scale 1/56 for modern and postapocalyptic wargaming in 28/32mm.

Most of the props are 3D printed, only the notes on the fence and the protest sign are made by hand. The copplestone base ist printend with good old filament. The utility pole is slightly shorter than in real life, because in correct scale the height isn't suitable for storage or gaming.

I'm so amazed at the level of detail that is possible with resin printing. The best purchase for the hobby ever (after brushes and paints).


Mittwoch, 18. August 2021

Gaslands: Some Bikers and a Hovering Beetle

Although there are no official rules for hovercrafts in Gaslands, there certainly are for gyrocopters and helicopters. If you look around a bit on the web, there are also interesting house rules for hover cars. And finally, the Beetle just looks too cool not to use it. The printing time was also pleasantly short at just under 2 hours, only the painting took me a good three evenings.

All models are 3D printed with resin and free to download at Thingiverse.


Donnerstag, 5. August 2021

Sons of Mars: Ludia Consualia

Lurio Gallus, governor of the province of Lusitania, hopes to be summoned back to Rome to take his late father's place in the Senate. Lurio is a great patron and admirer of gladiatorial combat. Although he has already wagered considerable sums of his fortune due to his addiction to gambling, he maintains a small ludus. His goal is to be able to compete with the great schools in Rome, but there is still a long way to go.
Today, in the capital of the province, Salamantica, the Ludia Consualia are celebrated, games in honor of Consus. Decorated oxen pulled the market carts to the town squares already in the morning hours and in the alleys it is like in a beehive. The stands of the small arena of Salamantica have more than filled up shortly before noon and the people are crowded around the walls of the arena to catch a glimpse of the muscle-bound, oiled fighters.
Then, drumbeats heard from afar announce the start of the festivities and the gladiators, who will fight for victory today in honor of Consu, kick up sand and dust as they enter the arena and raise their arms to salute the governor. The spectators cheer.

After nine months of pandemic break, we were finally able to get back into wargaming fully vaccinated. Sons of Mars was a very thankful and clear start. The rules are easy to learn and the gameplay is fast and action-packed.

After two matches, we parted with one hard-fought victory point each. So the evening ended in a draw, which would certainly have been in keeping with Consu's spirit.