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Mittwoch, 25. November 2020

Thomas Slade - the man who built HMS Victory


Michi has converted a Foundry miniature from an 18th century civilians set of duelists. That second Walter Sweetly is carrying a box of duel pistols. He is now equipped with plans and a measuring stick as well to substitute a certain shipwright called Thomas Slade.
Michi hat eine Foundry Figur aus einem Pack duellierender Zivilisten des 18. Jahrhunderts umgebaut. Jener Sekundant Walter Sweetly hatte ursprünglich nur einen Koffer für die Duellpistolen unter dem Arm. Nun ist er zusätzlich mit Plänen und einem Zollstock ausgerüstet und stellt einen gewissen Schiffsbauer namens Thomas Slade dar.

Samstag, 21. November 2020

The Gold, the Bad and the Unlucky

The Governor of Texas, Mr. Dumb, is anxious for re-election and is currently touring the border country to promote himself. In a few days his campaign train will also roll in on the railroad tracks in sleepy Rattlesnake.
No one suspects that Mr. Dumb is receiving strong financial support from Mexico to stir up unrest in Texas and pave the way for a Mexican takeover. Don Alvarez, a Mexican gold mine owner, has therefore deposited some gold bars in the Rattlesnake bank, which could be the tip of the scales.
For days, sinister-looking figures have been cavorting in Rattlesnake, their faces hidden in the shadows of wide-brimmed sombreros. Their eyes are always fixed on the bank to ensure that nothing happens to the gold. And outside, in the cactus-covered countryside, gringos with equally sinister looks draw straight lines in the prairie sand and make plans to get to the gold before the train arrives.



The Texan Patriotic Popular Front stormed the bank building at lunchtime. Don Alvarez's Mexican security team was taken by surprise by the sneak attack, practically during their well-earned siesta.
After not only the older of the two Juan brothers, the great Juan, went down in a hail of bullets from the Texans, but also the legendary Gomez (a close confidant of Don Alvarez) aka "Chew it", so called because of his silver teeth, the rest of the Mexicans swore blood revenge.
Unfortunately, the Texans in the meantime managed to find out the combination of the safe and took the gold bars. The daring escape was achieved with a bold leap from the first floor of the bank. Meanwhile, "Killer" Sanchez and the silent Pablo cleaned up in front of the bank and killed one Texan patriot after another.
Little Juan, intent on revenge for his brother's death, rushed after the stolen gold. He bet everything on one last chance to stop the fleeing Cotton Eye Joe with a bullet. Time seemed to stand still for a moment as he pulled the trigger... and missed.
It was over. The Texans had the gold, and Mr. Dumb's continued funding had failed. A good day for Texas and its citizens, but Rattlesnake will not rest. The Mexicans will come again to take revenge for Gomez and the big Juan.

Sonntag, 15. November 2020

Battletech: Tooth of Ymir

The Tooth of Ymir, a mercenary unit of the Inner Sphere.

This is now my second painted lance, after my re-entry into the BT universe. I have a lot of fun painting and reading about all the things I missed the last 25 years. Despite the exciting clan history, I will always be a classic 3025 guy in my heart. 

The miniatures are from the Armored Combat Box. It's (from left to right) a Thunderbolt, a Battlemaster, a Commando and a Wolverine.

Freitag, 13. November 2020

Star Wars Legion: Mehr Rebellentruppen

Michi ist fleißig dabei mehr Rebellen zu bemalen. Die zweite Gruppe ist fertig.
Michi is painting more rebels eagerly. The second squad is finished.


Donnerstag, 12. November 2020

Battletech: The 6th McCarron's Armored Cavalry

So, this is the first lance finished. All mechs are from the Armored Combat Box.

Color scheme is from the 6th McCarron's Armored Cavalry, a unit dedicated to House Liao of the Capellan Confederation.


Montag, 9. November 2020

Star Wars Legion: Rebellentruppen

Doc hat schon längst angefangen und auch einiges fertig bemalt. Jatzt hat auch Michi mit Star Wars Legion angefangen und kann heute die erste Gruppe Rebellentruppen zeigen. Weitere sind natürlich in Arbeit, denn es braucht schon ein paar Punkte auf jeder Seite, um ein erstes Spiel beginnen zu können. Ob das in diesem pandemiegebeutelten Jahr noch etwas wird, ist allerdings fraglich. Doc und Michi werden ihr Bestes tun, damit der geneigte Leser dem Tableterror Blog auch weiterhin gewogen bleibt.
Doc had begun much earlier and has finished a lot meanwhile. Now Michi started to paint Star Wars Legion too and can show his first squad of Rebel Troopers today. More are in process of being painted, because one needs a couple of points per side to start a first game. If this will happen during the rest of this pandemic-shaken year will have to be proved. Doc and Michi will try their best to make the dedicated followers stay tuned.


Sonntag, 8. November 2020

3D printed Crystal Clusters

The generic crystal structures are well suited to make battlefields for "Star Wars Legion", "Frostgrave" or even "Battletech" a bit more interesting. The printing time at high resolution per base was about 45 minutes. Mainly painted with airbrush and a little bit refined by hand.



Donnerstag, 5. November 2020

Battletech: And so it begins... again!

After a break of over 25 years, I'm getting back into Battletech through Kickstarter. The new models are fantastic. Here the first two Mechs of a Liao lance, the '6th McCarron's Armored Cavalry'.