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Montag, 19. Dezember 2022

Happy Holidays!

It was a very bumpy year for us game-wise. We hardly ever got around to putting our stuff on the battlefield.

Hopefully things will get better in 2023, we wish all readers a relaxing and peaceful holiday season.


Sonntag, 11. Dezember 2022

Knights in the Sky - Preparations for takeoff

Having a 3D printer is an invitation to try something new from time to time. The normally cost-intensive entry hurdle of new miniatures is enormously low with such a device. Therefore, here is a short overview of a system that Michi and I will soon try out: Knights in the Sky.

The rulebook with about 30 pages costs about 10$ as PDF. Since the rules are in a readable, but in the long run a bit confusing continuous text, I have created my own Quick Reference Sheet, which will hopefully serve us well. All major flight maneuvers of the era are available, as well as the stats of all known fighters (and bombers, reconnaissance planes, etc.). Besides the normal air combat, there are also rules for special scenarios. And besides the basic rules, all advanced rules are already included in the 30 pages, which bring even more realism to the game table.

In addition, I have printed out the flight and weapon templates (created with TinkerCAD) along with the miniature aircraft (STLs by Wargame3D). Two French and two Germans are ready for a test session.