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Mittwoch, 25. Oktober 2023

1999 Demonics - a blast from the past

Was it an invitation, was it a challenge? Whatever - it seemed to be fun and Michi went to the attic to dig deep into the lead pile. He came forth with a find that was a handful of figures from the past: Miniatures for the game 1999 from long time ago, which were bought, primed and forgotten. Now they saw light again after thirty years. Cell Entertainment AB was founded in 1997 by Stefan Ljungqvist and Johan Sjöberg. Their products included the games 1999, Hybrid, Krash, LAB, Ronin and Ronin: War. They produced this range of miniatures for use with their 1999 tabletop skirmish game. Only a few miniatures were released officially, but there were several unreleased figures that were produced in very small quantities probably as samples, promos or test runs. The 1999 rulebook lists Henrik Pettersson, Werner Klocke, Stefan Niehues, and Anders Muammar as the sculptors. 

 This is what they are: 

Demonic Trooper with Pistols (x2), Demonic Trooper with Battlesuit & Geno Cannon, Demonic Trooper with Storm Cannon and a Demonic Champion with Shock Rods.

Don't they look properly weird? Michi thought that they would match WWW2 and gave them a try.

Some scenic shots to prove: They could be beefy minions of Red Skull or any kind of super soldiers.

Here is a size comparison next to a human soldier in 28mm scale:


Dienstag, 24. Oktober 2023

AvP The hunt begins: Outpost 32


Two squads of Colonial Marines had the task of investigating Outpost 32 near the polar cap on LV-426, since no more life signs of the scientists could be received from there. Upon arrival, it was discovered that the environmental generators had failed and the station was in danger of completely freezing over in a few hours.
After some challenging encounters with aggressive xenomorphs, the Marines managed to secure the generator room and put the station back into operation. The xenomorph activity needs to be investigated further. Collected samples will be sent immediately to the nearest Weyland Yutani research facility.

Locks open and Marines stomp the rusty grids of endless corridors in Outpost 32.

Squad leader A "Doc" is supervising his men entering the outpost:


Squad leader B "Michi" has read the manual that Lt. Gorman had handed him for briefing:

Therefore he released his squad not before the corridor outside the airlock was secured by squad A...


Squad B moves along the corridor and suddenly has motion blips on their tracker.


"CONTACT!" the Marines yelled to their comrades. Nobody would have expected to meet the Queen herself as a first xenomorph in the outpost, but there she was - and immediately rained with lead.

A so called "Royal Guard" teamed up with the Queen.

However the guard couldn't avoid that the hive mistress went down pierced by countless projectiles from the USCM's smartguns and pulse rifles.

Soon there was mayhem all around. Men screamed, aliens hissed, bullets hit and missed and the brave men of the glorious Colonial Marine Corps fought their way through the outpost, killing everything in their path.

Michi and Doc agreed to end the mission before the generator could be reached and repaired, because time had flown and there were things to do the other day. 

Another glorious day in the Corps!

Freitag, 20. Oktober 2023

An Extraction Team for the Post-Apocalypse

With the last two new additions, I have completed this small team over the past few weeks and have also painted a possible mission objective. This was a nice change from my current main project (a medieval Scottish army), which will now get all my attention again. :-)

STLs of various kits from Anvil Digital, assembled in Blender and then printed with a Mars2Pro. All basing bits are STLs from Goonmaster.


Freitag, 6. Oktober 2023

Some reinforcements for my old Scots army

Some time ago this year, 3D Breed had a wonderful Kickstarter project "March to hell: Medieval", which included an enormous amount of different medieval soldier types (infantry and cavalry) as STL files. Among others also a lot of Scots. And since I already have an aging Scots army, a good reason to upgrade a bit. So here is the current state, which is actually an intermediate state.