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Dienstag, 28. Dezember 2021

The Mob Rules!

Concerned citizens, ready for violence and rioting. Always up for a good old witch burning. Blinded by hatred and everything that is not understood.

Ooh, I'm not talking about Covid, I'm talking about 'The Silver Bayonet'.

All models are resin prints, files are available from MyMiniFactory.


Dienstag, 21. Dezember 2021


Times are tough: 

Michi hat wieder ein paar Rebellen für Star Wars Legion bemalt. Hier sehen wir eine Twi'lek und einen Rodianer als reguläre Truppler. Beide sind 3D-Drucke aus Kunstharz.



Michi painted some rebels for Star Wars Legion again. Here is a female Twi'lek and a male Rodian as regular troopers. Both are resin 3D-prints.



Außerdem hat Michi die beiden 2-1B Sanitäterdroiden bemalt. Der linke ist eine Originalfigur für Star Wars Legion, der rechte ist gedruckt.

Michi has also painted both medical 2-1B droids. The one on the left is a genuine Star Wars Legion miniature made of injection molded plastic. The one on the right is another resin 3D-print.


Donnerstag, 16. Dezember 2021

The Princess of the Dawn


When Doc and Michi were younger there was that band from Germany who played it straight. All you faithful readers have to ACCEPT now that there is a little music to be played while reading on now. Both of us rode our motorcycles and listened to it and both of us loved Star Wars from the very first moment it appeared in our galaxy...

Here she is, the one and only princess of dusk, dawn and all in between: Leia Organa, another leader choice for Michi's Legion rebels.

Princess Leia wasn't alone on Michi's painting desk for the last couple of days and the result is an astromech droid of the R4 series. It is said to be the cheapest and most downgraded of all the astromechs, rather of any use in a speeder or skiff than in a proper starfighter. 

Here is R4-D3:

Dienstag, 14. Dezember 2021

Star Wars Legion: Zwei Anführer - Two Leaders


Michi hat zwei alternative Anführer für seine Rebellen bemalt: 

Einen ehemaligen Schmuggler und einen ehemaligen Feuchtfarmerlehrling.


Michi has painted two alternative commanding officers for his rebels: 

A former smuggler and a former moisture farmer apprentice.


Sonntag, 12. Dezember 2021

Star Wars Legion: Rebellenspezialisten

Michi painted also some Star Wars Legion miniatures for a change. There is are two captains, two radio operators and two special weapons troopers for the rebel alliance.
Michi hat zur Abwechslung auch noch ein paar Miniaturen für Star Wars Legion bemalt. es sind zwei Anführer, zwei Funker und zwei Schützen mit Spezialwaffen für die Rebellenallianz.


Geisterstunde - Darkest Hour

Michi hat Geister "bemalt", die in Zukunft über den Spieltisch spuken werden, um tapfere Helden zu erschrecken. Sicher werden sie nicht nut für THE SILVER BAYONET sehr brauchbar sein, sondern auch für FROSTGRAVE und andere Gespenstergeschichten...

 Michi has painted a handful of ghosts which will haunt the gaming table in the future to frighten brave heroes. Surely they will not only be useful for THE SILVER BAYONET, but for FROSTGRAVE and other ghost stories alike...

Viele dieser Wizkids-Figuren aus grundiertem Kunststoff sind ziemlich gut gestaltet und gar nicht mal so teuer. Michi findet es toll, dass man auf die Sockel der Geister andere Figuren platzieren kann, die dann bedrohlich umarmt werden können.

This plastic Wizkids stuff is rather cool and not too expensive. Michi likes that these miniatures can take another miniature with a 20mm diameter base atop their own bases to hug and caress them in a most threatening way.

The Silver Bayonet: A Flag, an Officer and Clue Markers

Commanding officer and a flag bearer of the Army of Württemberg. The flag is modeled from paper and a lot of wood glue with a day long drying time. For a first attempt with this method I am pretty satisfied with the result.

3D resin prints, STL files by Piano Wargames.

The clue markers for 'The Silver Bayonet' are scaled down from free terrain STLs and also 3D printed. Clue markers are scenario driven plot points, which can be place holders for monsters, hidden secrets, etc. to keep the game up and running.