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Sonntag, 24. Februar 2019

Warlord Games CHAR B1 BIS

Michi built and painted this 1/56th scale French tank as a commission from England.
Michi hat diesen französischen Panzer im Maßstab 1:56 als Auftragsarbeit aus England gebaut und bemalt.

The next vehicles will be Michi's own...
Die nächsten Fahrzeuge werden Michis eigene sein...

Montag, 18. Februar 2019

Big Trouble in Little China: The good guys

The board game of the same name features a total of 40 miniatures. Six of them are playable heroes, the others belong to the villains controlled by the game mechanics. Here are the painted, playable characters: Eddie, Wang, Egg Shen, Margo, Gracie and of course Jack Burton.

Freitag, 15. Februar 2019

Gaslands: Beach Bombers win Death Race!

Another night in the wasteland, roaring engines, the smell of gasoline and drivers on steroids: Zac, Doc and Michi met at Doc's place to run another race.

Doc had a team of two cars, Zac relied on a team of four buggies and Michi had a mixed team of two cars, a pickup-truck and a motorcycle.

The race was on and everybody hit the gas...

One car of Doc and Michi each did not make it through the starting gate though. Zac's red buggy in pickup-mockup was blocked by them too.

Right in front of gate 1 trouble began when the drivers started to play bumper cars.

Everybody bumped into somebody or into some obstructions.

This went on and on until Zac and Michi passed the first gate and loaded their weapons to start even more mayhem...

Michi managed to enter pole position with the red beetle by keeping on the inner lane while Zac's blue aerodynamic buggy ran the longer way on the outer lane.
A spectacular bike jump over the ramp was highly appreciated by the audience, but soon after the daredevil female rider fainted and crashed her bike.
Michi's red beetle passed gate 2 in front of Zac's blue buggy and Zac hammered the latter into the foundation of the gate's left pillar causing the buggy to cease its existence.

Michi's delight was only short term, because his beetle flipped over at entering the rough terrain road and was wrecked instantly as well. The Michi dug his blue pickup-truck into the right pillar of gate 2 and made the truck explode. The fire ball ignited both other wrecked vehicles and caused their explosion too.

That meant a fee road for Zac's blue buggy who entered the rough road section after passing gate 2 with ease.

Doc and Michi chased Zac through the rough terrain, but neither Doc nor Michi's red Corvette made it to gate 3.

The winner was clearly to be seen: Zac's buggy was unstoppable now and on the way to the final gate with everybody else alive way back several gates behind his heels.

Here you can see the winning buggy of Zac's Beach Bombers

Freitag, 8. Februar 2019

AvP: Rescue the last colonist

United States Colonial Marine Corps was on a mission to find out what happened to the USS Sulaco and her crew. Rebecca "Newt" Jorden was put on the ship layout as an alien ping! token. Then the alien ping! tokens were placed by Michi and activated in the following game turns. As soon as the girl would have a line of sight towards the marines the token would be replaced by the Newt model and she would be activated by Doc and Zac from then.
Last Report of Corporal Dwayne Hicks, USCM:

I have not much time left and will therefore give a brief summary of my mission:

Ellen Ripley had been in stasis in a shuttle for 57 years. She was rescued and debriefed by her employers at the Weyland-Yutani Corporation; they were skeptical of her claims that an alien creature killed her entire crew and forced her to destroy her ship the Nostromo, and they subsequently revoked her flight officer license.

The exomoon LV-426 (also called “Acheron”), where the Nostromo initially encountered the derelict ship containing alien eggs, is now home to the terraforming colony Hadleys Hope. When contact was lost with the colony, Weyland-Yutani representative Carter Burke and my CO Colonial Marine Lieutenant Gorman asked Ripley to accompany Burke and our Colonial Marine unit to investigate the disturbance. She joined the expedition on Burke's word that our mission was to exterminate the creatures.  

A dropship delivered us to the surface of LV-426, where we found the colony deserted. Inside, were makeshift barricades and signs of a struggle, at the center of the station, we found the colonists cocooned, serving as incubators for the creatures' offspring. Ripley discovered that Burke sent the colonists to investigate the derelict spaceship where the Nostromo crew first encountered the eggs, believing he could become wealthy by recovering alien specimens for use as biological weapons. All colonists were dead (but one girl named Rebecca/“Newt”) and our group of Marines and Burke were wept out by the xenomorphs as well. Only I and a synthetic person called “Bishop” survived.

Ripley refused to abandon Newt the colonist girl. We destroyed the eggs and fled to the dropship. All us four escaped moments before the station exploded with the colony consumed by a nuclear blast of the power station’s meltdown. I suppose that all alien creatures were destroyed then.

On the Sulaco, we were ambushed by the queen, who had been hidden in the dropship's landing gear. The queen tore Bishop in half and advanced on Newt, but Ripley battled the creature using an exosuit cargo-loader and expelled it through an airlock into space. Ripley and Newt, as well as the critically damaged Bishop entered hypersleep for our return trip to Earth.

When I was to enter hypersleep I noticed a hull breech alert. I will investigate and wake the others…




After five hours of mayhem aboard the USS Sulaco we stopped the game at one o'clock in the morning. Zac and Doc could not manage to fight all xenomorphs and neither found Newt, the last colonist. However the aliens had not to expect a victory either, because only half of the marines, but most of the aliens were already killed.

Mittwoch, 6. Februar 2019

Mehr Geiseln - more hostages

Brother Vinni provided a SWAT team for Michi to free the hostages, but to no avail - they are bound now too.

Brother Vinni produziert ein nettes SEK, um die Geiseln zu befreien, aber die wurden ebenfalls hoppsgenommen und gefesselt...

Sonntag, 3. Februar 2019

SAGA Crescent&Cross: Mutatawwi'a Chosen

A warrior unit for my Mutatawwi'a faction for Saga Crescent&Cross. The miniatures are original Saga from Gripping Beast.

Freitag, 1. Februar 2019

Hostages - Geiseln

Manufaktura Miniatures captives recently painted by Michi. The kneeling one is made by Brother Vinni though.
Michi hat unlängst ein paar gefesselte Manufaktura Miniatures  angemalt, wobei die Kniende von Brother Vinni ist.

Die kleinen Meerjungfrauen...little mermaids

Michi hat zwei neue Meeresbewohner bemalt, um Piratenspiele zu bereichern...
Michi has painted two new marine lifeforms to spice up future pirate action on the gaming table...