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Freitag, 10. April 2020

Doom Patrol: Solo Wargaming during the Corona Crisis

To do some wargaming despite the curfew, I got myself "Doom Patrol". These are solo rules for skirmishes, covering a wide range of historical periods. The enemy units are controlled by so-called target markers and event tables. After a bit of getting used to it, the system works quite reasonably. Here and there you can easily make your own adjustments and improvements, but it works, even though it cannot replace a real opponent, of course.

I have thought of the following scenario.

Alternative history. It is 1946, World War II is not yet over. Although the Wehrmacht was defeated, Hitler was able to flee and has disappeared from the face of the earth. An elite command of the US Army has the task to sabotage a secret V2 launch pad occupied by the Red Army.

The mission seemed to go wrong right from the start. Both teams were already struggling with fierce resistance in the village in front of the launch pad. Only with a lot of luck two Soviet machine gun positions and a mortar could be eliminated. A sniper also made life difficult for one team and to make matters worse, a severely wounded man had to be taken care of, who could not be stabilized for a long time. Only after the sniper was finished, it did become apparent that the launch pad itself was only lightly guarded. While Team Bravo took care of securing the area, Alpha successfully placed the explosives.


Donnerstag, 9. April 2020

Congo: Some Oryx

There are no rules for this kind of African fauna, but the Oryx can be a nice addition to the scenery.

Mittwoch, 1. April 2020

SAGA Crescent&Cross: Crusader Heavy Weapons Squad

Es war bislang kein sehr produktives erstes Vierteljahr in 2020 beim Wargaming. Ich habe es gerade mal geschafft meine letzte Einheit Kreuzritter fertig zu bemalen. Aufgrund der anhaltenden Krise, wird es wohl noch eine ganze Weile dauern, bis sie die Luft eines Schlachtfelds schnuppern werden.

It has not been a very productive first quarter in 2020 for wargaming. I just managed to finish painting my last unit of crusaders. Due to the ongoing crisis, it will probably be quite a while before they get to sniff the air of a battlefield.