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Sonntag, 27. Februar 2011

Review "Hunters HD" for the iPad

Back in the golden days of tactical and strategical combat simulations on computers, there was SSI with great conversions of classical board game feeling, or EA in 1993 publishing the mother of all tactical floor tile games: Space Hulk. Those days are long gone and to the nowadays video gamer those jewels are pretty unknown or from the elder of us forgotten under the sands of time (or tons of lead miniatures).

Thanks to the iPad, a romping place for game experiments, the genre of turn-based tactical combat is revitalized with "Hunters HD". The look and feel of this game is similiar as possible to the old-fashioned, classic floor tile games like Space Hulk or Legions of Steel.

You can choose the members of your squad and equip them from a wide range arsenal of armor and weapons. Each soldier has action points according to his armor to spend for movement, combat or overwatch. Before combat you must select a mission on the bridge screen of your space vessel. There is no dice-rolling during gameplay, the result of the very cool animated weapons fire is processed by the computer and depends on movement, armor, cover, weapon range and all the other by us wargamers little, beloved, modifying things. After a successful mission completion you can spend the earned experience points and credits to upgrade your team with new members and equipment ("Oh, the little flamethrower looks so cute, a must-have in every squad!"). You can also loot credits and used equipment from vanquished enemies.

The sounds of weapons and ambiance are excellent and impressive. The graphics are stylish and give a realistic feeling like viewing a tabletop boardgame. The interface is iPad-like very smooth, just tap on a soldier to move to a square or target an enemy.

The app download is free at the apple app store. "Hunters HD" is free to play to level 2 of the game, then you can decide to purchase the full version for a few Euros/Dollars (at the moment about 5 Euros). So, if you like old-fashioned board games like Space Hulk or your old Legions of Steel box is burried under thick dust and you have access to a iPad, give this nice little game a try.