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Dienstag, 26. Juli 2022

Objective Markers II - Mehr Fesselspiele


Hier kommt ein Nachschlag zu den unlängst Gefesselten...

A few more captives (Manufaktura resin miniatures)...


Sonntag, 17. Juli 2022

The escaped Experiment No. 73

Somewhere in the middle of sector Lambda, shortly before sunset. A brief but heavy downpour has darkened the old brick facades and left dirty puddles on the cracked asphalt.

"Experiment 73 was a failure,"
he said.

"Yeah, but the failure got away, unfortunately, and we have to clean up the mess the quacks made."

"I have a really bad feeling about this. 71 managed to escape too, deep into the zone, and of the cleaning team, only Tanja came back. No sign of 71."

"Yeah, she ended up right in a padded cell, doesn't talk anymore and has this crazy look."


Every once in a while I return to the zone and, in between some other projects, paint a few models that seem thematically appropriate to my version of the zone. And because I love story-heavy skirmishes, I come up with little adventures while painting them.

3D resin prints, STLs by AlbinoRavenMini.

Samstag, 16. Juli 2022

Objective markers - Fesselspiele

Michi hat mal wieder ein paar sehr luftig gekleidete junge Damen bemalt, deren einziges Kleidungsstück ein Hanfseil um die Handgelenke ist. Sicher werden das keine geführten Spielfiguren auf dem Tisch werden, aber für bestimmte Szenarien wie Gefangenen- oder Geiselbefreiungen stellen sie hervorragende Missionsmarker dar. Die unspezifische Kleidung macht sie auf jeden Fall epochenübergreifend nutzbar. Die Figuren sind Resingüsse von Manufaktura:

Michi has painted a few more objective markers to grant some points in Capture the flag!-scenarios or in rescue missions to free hostages or prisoners and the like. The skyclad lack of garments makes them perfect to use in different eras and set-ups. The miniatures are resin casts by Manufaktura.

Freitag, 8. Juli 2022

Gaslands: A new team for the race track

After relying on upgraded cars (rams, armor, fancy weapons, etc.) in Gaslands races so far and never once seeing the checkered flag even from a distance, I'm changing my tactics. Girl power on motorcycles. No frills, just lots of maneuverability and speed. And of course I'm very likely to fail epically again with this, because I once again decide on the wrong maneuver template or am rock-solidly convinced that upshifting is the better braking.

3D resin prints, STLs bei Albino Raven Minis.