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Samstag, 26. September 2020

Old Daniels' Legacy

Rattlesnake, a small town in the middle of nowhere on the frontier between Texas and Mexico, is in turmoil. Old Daniels has died, allegedly while brewing a new recipe of his high-proof. His only legacy, a mysterious barrel of whiskey, is to be transported to Tennessee to his son Jack in a few days by the next stagecoach. Rumor has it that Wells Fargo has hired some Pinkerton men to protect it and they will arrive with the coach.
Rattlesnake's undertaker is having coffins made up like crazy when it is leaked that several gangs are after the mysterious cask stored at the Post Station before the heavily armed transport arrives.

Is there really more than just whiskey in that barrel?


For this scenario we used the "Shootout in Dingstown" rule set for the first time to find out, if they are suitable for our more story-driven, cinematic playing style. We took the basic rules with a few additional options, so we played without point costs.

Three gangs were involved:
The Cowboys (Michi), the Native Americans (Zac) and the Mexicans (Bernd).

Already in the first rounds, the Mexicans and the Natives fired on each other fiercely and losses were already being suffered on both sides. The Post Office was still far away for both groups.
The laughing third party were the cowboys, who were able to sneak up on the building with almost no resistance. But this did not last long when the Mexicans and the Natives stopped fighting each other and turned to the Cowboys.
Under the protection of innocent hostages, the Natives began pursuing the Cowboys, who had taken the coveted barrel out of the Post Office in no time at all and tried to drive it away along the main street.
The Cowboys did not hesitate and fired shotguns into the crowd in cold blood. Shocked by so much brutal violence, the pursuers had to watch as the cowboys were able to leave the city with their booty, cheered by victory.

Mexicans and Natives shooting each other

A Native with a hostage

Mexicans and Natives shooting each other

The Cowboys with Daniels' barrel

The rules could convince us, so hopefully we will meet again soon in Rattlesnake for another adventure.

And unfortunately the cowboys didn't open the cask, so we'll never know if it's really just whiskey or maybe a completely different treasure hidden inside by old Daniels.

The Mexicans

Mittwoch, 23. September 2020

Mein kleiner, grüner Kaktus...

A small cactus terrain piece for the next adventure in Rattlesnake, a small town in the middle of nowhere in the Texan-Mexican border area.

The cacti are assembled from various 3D models and put on a base via CAD, scaled for 28mm and then printed with the 3D printer. The printing time at a very good resolution was over 6.5 hours.

Afterwards mainly by airbrush painted and the base was equipped with sand and bushes.

Mittwoch, 2. September 2020

Gaslands: Burn, Baby, Burn!

After a pandemic break of several months, we finally had a race yesterday. Five cars were at the start, four of them were already completely wrecked in round 2. It was all there: Driving against pillars, flying out of the curve (and thus off the table), disassembled by mini-gun continuous fire and finally the use of the frightening flamethrower! 🙂 The spectators were thrilled and threw wrenches, oil cans and nuts around and howled. The driver of the winning car was pulled almost unconscious with burns from his heavily dented vehicle and could be successfully resuscitated after 20 minutes. Possible consequential damages are to be expected, but will not be too obvious. The whereabouts and condition of the three passengers who were on board is unknown. One of them probably shot himself during the race or shortly after.

The "Gaslands Refuelled" rulebook is an enormous improvement compared to the old version. Much clearer layout, better explained examples and in essential points way more clearly. So even after the long break it was no problem to get back in quickly.