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Freitag, 30. November 2018

AvP: Last Mission before Xmas

It's pre-Christmas, so there's not much time left for us to play. Michi and Doc met for a last game date in 2018 for a cooperative game of "AvP".

Two Colonial Marines units had to make it to their APC and weld at least three of four breaches. An almost endless stream of aliens stood between the Marines and their way home. But the soldiers of both units were unimpressed by the approaching slimy hordes and relied unflinchingly on their concentrated firepower. Automatic gun emplacements, grenades, impulse rifles, flamethrowers and shotguns blew their way through claws and teeth. And in the end, only one single Marine had to give up his life, because in his immediate vicinity a dying alien sprayed his acid blood in all directions.

So the year is slowly coming to an end and came to a truly crowning end. The game, played at medium difficulty, was peppered with cineastic scenes and we once again had a hell of a time.


Freitag, 23. November 2018

SAGA: Mounted Teutonic Knights

After about one month all of the mounted knights are completed. Now on with the infantry.

Sonntag, 18. November 2018

Bolt Action: Ju87 as Airstrike Token

I told myself I needed an airstrike token. In truth, after 40 years I wanted to build a model airplane again. The Ju87 kit from Zvezda is in 1/72 scale. The assembly and the painting took much longer than expected. Now I need one for my other factions too.
The paint scheme is based on the StG 165, which was stationed in Nuremberg in 1938. The stand is 3D printed and can be extended with a second part to hover the aircraft up to 20cm over the battlefield.

Donnerstag, 15. November 2018

Bolt Action: The V2 Test Site

For a fictional scenario, Assault on Peenemünde, intended: Test site launchpad of a German 'Vergeltungswaffe 2' .
Both the rocket and the parts of the launchpad are from the 3D printer. The corresponding files are available on Thingiverse. Since my printer only has a small print area, I had to scale down the originals to about 90%. The V2 is still a little bit too big. Although it was about 14m high in reality, it would be about 15.5m in my printed version. This is negligible for me and doesn't matter for the scenario. I glued all parts on my own base of 3mm plasticard and added nothing but a little earth and grass and the yellow numbering plates. And of course I painted the whole thing.

Update: The black/white paint scheme above was used by the British and the Americans after the war only. To represent the V2 during war times here is another one with the correct three colored scheme used by the Germans.

Dienstag, 13. November 2018

Saga: Normannen

That's a post that's been slumbering in the drafts for a long time. Michi therefore instructed me to publish the thing now and write that he was too stupid to send it himself. :-)


Freitag, 2. November 2018

Bolt Action: SdKfz 234, Puma

The SdKfz 234/Puma is a very welcome addition to my German army, which mainly consist of infantry so far. The kit is from Warlord Games/Italeri, scale 1/56. All parts were very accurate and easy to assemble. However, the level of detail of the suspension and axles is exaggeratedly high and not required for this type of wargaming model. The assembly was still fun. Afterwards I painted the model mainly with different airbrush layers, a few details with the brush. The dirt was applied with Vallejo pigments.