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Montag, 30. Oktober 2017

Ghost Archipelago:The undead rising up

On Ghost Archipelago you can encounter some random monsters. The undead are one of those encounters. I have modified one of the archers to add some variation, shortened the bow and twisted the arm. For more detail I added bowstrings and an arrow.

The miniatures are from the Reaper range (Classic Skeletons).

Happy Halloween!

Freitag, 27. Oktober 2017

En Garde!

A few years ago I ordered Musketeer miniatures from Redoubt. For a long time these figures had a sad existence in the very dusty corner of the stack of unpainted miniatures. The time had finally come to pull out a few of them and paint them. 

May I introduce the brewmaiden, the traveling hawker, Comte de Rochefort and a nameless noble adventurer.

Sonntag, 22. Oktober 2017

Let's build trees

I've ordered the Woodland Scenics tree "skeletons" and some foliage to try out a quick and inexpensive way to craft trees. 
So, the first finished tree is 17cm high. The GIs in 28mm are adjusted for size comparison. I have glued the tree to a 60mm plastic base (which is not included) and treated the trunk to the height of the first branch with structure paste, so that the trunk below gets significantly thicker and has a bark-like texture. That worked well, as I think. Then painted with various brown colours and finally treated with a sepia ink. Sticking the foliage was a real mess. It took almost eternally and brings the realization that fingerprints spoiled with superglue do not have a chance to use the fingerprint sensor of a cell phone.
With the result, I am actually satisfied and I can now understand very well, why finished trees on the H0 scale are so expensive. Doing so is much cheaper, but makes a lot of dirt, takes a lot of time and brings fun with superglue. And now I have eleven trees left, which are ready to be tinkered.

Samstag, 14. Oktober 2017

It came from the jungle!

So here it is, the real thing.
The legs were also a challenge here, but contrary to my own pitiful attempt, the model of Heresy is really worth seeing. Although Ghost Archipelago does not have giant spiders, I think it is easy to integrate such a monster.

The base is a 60mm diameter plastic from Renedra and not included in the Heresy blister.


Sonntag, 8. Oktober 2017

Dracula's America: The Mexicans

Here's the posse of Carlos "The Carlic Eater" Sanchez. Fearless Mexican vampire slayers, equipped with a lot of guns, garlic and tequila of course.

Montag, 2. Oktober 2017

The Giant Spider (and a bitter realization)

Pro-Tip: Never model a giant spider out of clay.
The beast brought me to the brink of despair. Broken legs and even more broken legs. It was an instructive experience and actually my first self-made miniature. Now I have ordered a professionally produced giant spider. My own is only to be used as a warning to make such a thing never again out of clay.
Yes, some wires would have helped, but that came to my mind a little too late.

The Magical Fountain

A magical fountain for Ghost Archipelago. Who knows whether its water donates life or death or triggers quite different things for the adventurers?
Completely cut from styrodur, only the fire bowls are modeled from clay.