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Mittwoch, 25. Oktober 2023

1999 Demonics - a blast from the past

Was it an invitation, was it a challenge? Whatever - it seemed to be fun and Michi went to the attic to dig deep into the lead pile. He came forth with a find that was a handful of figures from the past: Miniatures for the game 1999 from long time ago, which were bought, primed and forgotten. Now they saw light again after thirty years. Cell Entertainment AB was founded in 1997 by Stefan Ljungqvist and Johan Sjöberg. Their products included the games 1999, Hybrid, Krash, LAB, Ronin and Ronin: War. They produced this range of miniatures for use with their 1999 tabletop skirmish game. Only a few miniatures were released officially, but there were several unreleased figures that were produced in very small quantities probably as samples, promos or test runs. The 1999 rulebook lists Henrik Pettersson, Werner Klocke, Stefan Niehues, and Anders Muammar as the sculptors. 

 This is what they are: 

Demonic Trooper with Pistols (x2), Demonic Trooper with Battlesuit & Geno Cannon, Demonic Trooper with Storm Cannon and a Demonic Champion with Shock Rods.

Don't they look properly weird? Michi thought that they would match WWW2 and gave them a try.

Some scenic shots to prove: They could be beefy minions of Red Skull or any kind of super soldiers.

Here is a size comparison next to a human soldier in 28mm scale:


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