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Samstag, 20. August 2022

Five Parsecs From Home: The Mining Colony (1st Mission)

Mission Log:
Arrived 'Itori Station' at 0600. Everything seemed deserted, as if the station was abandoned in a hurry. We tried to find the control room to check the logs. I split up the crew to get to a working console faster. Not a good idea.

Ms. Swann was attacked by a slimy something and mauled pretty badly before our synthetic could finally solve the problem. I was barely lucky to keep one of these things off my back before Roddy and Estella were able to crossfire it and finish it off. We were able to pick off about a handful of these strange creatures.
After none of them showed up again, we could stabilize Ms. Swann in the control room and retrieve the station's logs. Actually, we wanted to leave as soon as possible, but one of the 'LifeLink' trackers of the medical monitoring is active and showed a signal on one of the lower levels. Unfortunately, other signals have also appeared on the scanners, whose movement patterns are obviously non-human. We closed all access bulkheads and tried to make an emergency call, unsuccessfully. The transmitter seems to be defective.

I'm considering sending a team to repair the transmitter while I head out with the others to look for the survivor. Or we pack up our stuff and make our way to the shuttle port as quickly as possible and get out of there. No amount of credits is worth this mess here!

My first mission with 5PFH, which almost became a fiasco due to bad dice. I use the ruleset as a framework to play a bit solo in the Alien universe. The rules are simple and quick, and fit my more cinematic approach very well.


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