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Sonntag, 12. Oktober 2014

SAGA Crescent & Cross: Camels everywhere

What's better than one camel? Two camels.
Unlike horses, I put together the camels and their riders including the lances before priming. After priming, the base is created with the crackle effect varnish. Don't use crackle effect varnish before priming, it won't last long. Let the crackle varnish dry for a few hours. Then the miniature is finished completely. The shield is painted separately and attached to the figure at the very end.
I'm really impressed by the quality of the miniatures (Black Tree Design). The order is processed through the UK, order confirmation and communication is done via the United States. The delivery from the UK to Germany took about 14 working days. The camels have the correct scale and appear much more powerful than horses. The riders look as if they had emerged directly from "Kingdom of Heaven". It's a real pleasure to work with.


DeanM hat gesagt…

Flawless brushwork on some excellent models!

Opa Wuttke hat gesagt…

Sehen großartig aus.
Zwischenzeitlich hab´ich auch das Crackle-Lack-Tut gefunden. Danke !
BTD-Minis waren schon immer schön, ein Teil meiner Kreuzfahrer sind von denen. Leider war der support früher s...mäßig. Umso erfreulicher, dass es jetzt besser läuft.

Phil hat gesagt…

I have begun some camels too...yours are a fantastic model! Excellent job!