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Mittwoch, 2. September 2020

Gaslands: Burn, Baby, Burn!

After a pandemic break of several months, we finally had a race yesterday. Five cars were at the start, four of them were already completely wrecked in round 2. It was all there: Driving against pillars, flying out of the curve (and thus off the table), disassembled by mini-gun continuous fire and finally the use of the frightening flamethrower! 🙂 The spectators were thrilled and threw wrenches, oil cans and nuts around and howled. The driver of the winning car was pulled almost unconscious with burns from his heavily dented vehicle and could be successfully resuscitated after 20 minutes. Possible consequential damages are to be expected, but will not be too obvious. The whereabouts and condition of the three passengers who were on board is unknown. One of them probably shot himself during the race or shortly after.

The "Gaslands Refuelled" rulebook is an enormous improvement compared to the old version. Much clearer layout, better explained examples and in essential points way more clearly. So even after the long break it was no problem to get back in quickly.


Dienstag, 14. Juli 2020

HeroQuest: 3D Printed Bookshelf

A 28mm bookshelf for HeroQuest. Made with the 3D printer and then painted.
I bought HeroQuest in the late 80s and played it intensively. When my daughters were old enough, I dug it out again and explored dungeons together with them. Now I'm looking forward to some quests with my grandchildren. In a few years it will be time again. Until then I can still expand and refine the game material a little.

Sonntag, 7. Juni 2020


Michi had painted some castle sections by Hudson & Allen in 2019 to erect the Kingdom of Heaven, namely the holy city of Jerusalem
To add a bit more to it, he obtained another lot of these foam cast sections and painted them now:
Michi hatte im Jahr 2019 ein paar Burgteile von Hudson & Allen bemalt, um auf dem Spieltisch das Königreich der Himmel in Form der heiligen Stadt Jerusalem entstehen zu lassen. Um ein bisschen mehr davon aufzubauen, ist es ihm gelungen noch ein paar Teile zu erwerben und anzumalen:

Als erstes hĂ€tten wir das Torhaus mit Wachstube, Stall, wachturm und ZugbrĂŒcke.
First there is a gatehouse with stables, guards room, watch tower and drawbridge.
Next there is a section of quarters for the garrison or a workshop.
Als nÀchstes haben wir eine Unterkunft oder Werkstatt.

Und schließlich der Pallas, wo der Burgherr wohnt.

Finally the palace for the master of the garrison.

This is how the castle may be assembled now. There are enough pieces to play a proper siege scenario on the gaming table.
So kann die Burg nun zusammengesetzt werden. Die Teile reichen auf jeden Fall fĂŒr ein Belagerungsszenario auf dem Spieltisch.