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Montag, 7. Oktober 2019

Congo: The French Foreign Legion Expedition

The French Foreign Legion expedition is ready for some serious adventure in the darkest heart of Africa. It consists of 5 Askari, 4 trained Askari, 5 Ruga-Ruga, 4 Soldiers, 2 Bearers, 1 Scientist and 1 Explorer.

Miniatures are from Artizan (Copplestone Castings), but are packed in a Africa range box by Northstar.

Painting time for all 22 figures incl. basing was about 50 hours in total.

Donnerstag, 26. September 2019

A little bit of Congo

Michi has built and painted a few sections of the river Congo and some more terrain and miniatures to go with it. The river was made from Playmobil river sections of their African wildlife range.


The tents were 3-D printed by Doc and slightly refurbished by Michi.

Dienstag, 24. September 2019

Bolt Action: Zis-3, 76mm Divisional Gun

Zis-3, 76mm Divisional Gun of the Red Army. During WW2 German soldiers called it the "Ratsch-Bumm".