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Freitag, 5. Oktober 2018

GASLANDS - an intermissive project

The Table Terror Team was in progress of producing miniatures for Bolt Action (WW2 skirmish by Warlord Games) when Doc approached Michi with another intermission from current painting projects.
GASLANDS was the name - a game of post apocalyptic mayhem like Mad Max or Death Race 2000 by Osprey. Doc had got a 3D printer and an airbrush and had already begun to convert Mattel Hot Wheel cars and to print gaming accessories.

Painting was quick for Doc with his new airbrush and Michi got flooded with photos of finished products...

Finally Michi came to the conclusion that it would be better to catch up. The stash in the attic provided several cars, bikes and bits that could be of good use...
The rivets were drilled out and the bodies were separated from the chassis. The windows got removed (you wouldn't want glass fragments in your face when crashing or be shot at) and replaced by wire mesh. The interiors were painted black.

Some minor conversions by adding of weapons and other stuff from the bits box made the stock cars look more appropriate for wasteland death races.
Flat black seemed to be a good choice for the purpose, but it was merely a primer.
Three finished vehicles would be enough for a 50 canister purchase. Here is Michi's team:
The Toolbox Heroes!
Pickup Truck

Performance Car


Doc's Wasteland Rats were their opponents. The vehicles were better equipped than Michi's, but cost much more, therefore Doc's team had only two cars...

Doc had even managed to finish a piece of difficult/treacherous terrain at the racing day:

The Race:

The racecourse was laid out by Doc in the shape of an 8. Four gates had to be passed to win the race.
Michi rolled higher than Doc and got his Corvette at the pole position.
He made a good start and immediately made daredevil rolls with the handling dice to shift into second gear.
His performance car allowed one more die than the other cars.
That meant 4 handling dice for the Corvette, 3 for the cars and 2 for the pickup. Rolling those is optional though. The driver decides if and how many to roll.

Doc's Mean Green Machine followed soon after and got hit by the Corvette's driver's gunfire critically (two 6s) which meant minus four hull for the Machine when the first move wasn't even over!

Every car that had managed to shift into second gear was allowed a second move in game turn one. The Corvette dropped a puddle of oil to avoid tailgates by her opponents.
Black Fury crashed into Blue Boxer instead.
Red and Green passed the wreck on the left and right, but Black Fury crashed into it, loosing even more hull points.
Then it became a real hassle with all cars in fourth gear: While Little Red Corvette managed to pass Gate 2, Black Fury lost control, slided, spinned, flipped over and crashed into the gate - completely exhausting its hull. Game over for Black Fury!
The Green Machine almost failed in the same way, but got one hull point left when it finally got to rest beyond Gate 2 after skidding and spinning its way passing it.

The Corvette's driver finished the Machine with a final shot from his revolver causing another critical hit.
Game over for Doc's Wasteland Rats, but Michi's Toolbox Heroes all alive and kicking...

The audience got totally nuts and cheered the Toolbox Heroes for hours...

Fast and funny - a game perfectly to the taste of the Table Terror Team!

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