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Freitag, 18. Oktober 2013

New Projects

There will be two new projects realized in the coming weeks and months. The first one, Michi and I are involved, is "In Her Majesty's Name". IHMN is a steampunk skirmish rules with Zombies, Mummies and a lot of other pulp stuff thrown in an alternative 19th century. There are several warbands available and detailed point lists to lead own creations into battle. The rule book by Osprey publishing has a high production value and is easy to understand.

I've decided to get "The Society of Thule". Among other things, because it has the so called "Tod-Gruppen" in their ranks and Michi and I are already preloaded with our past Dr. Thule pulp scenarios there. :) Michi will be using miniatures from his existing wide range collection and creates an own individual warband.

So the next weeks will be filled with creating bases, priming and painting miniatures. We will keep you up to date.

The second project, which I will do on my own, because at this moment Michi isn't very into this kind of stuff: RONIN. Samurai skirmish rules set in feudal Japan. As an introduction I bought a box of 25 plastic samurai from Wargames Factory and the rules from Osprey publishing. If someday I can inspire Michi to play with me RONIN, I will also acquire Japanese houses for the tabletop.

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Simon Quinton hat gesagt…

Sounds great, Yet to try IHMN yet but I hope to have a go when my EOTD KS stuff lands as I can use the figures for both :D. Look forward to seeing both projects take shape