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Montag, 2. Oktober 2017

The Giant Spider (and a bitter realization)

Pro-Tip: Never model a giant spider out of clay.
The beast brought me to the brink of despair. Broken legs and even more broken legs. It was an instructive experience and actually my first self-made miniature. Now I have ordered a professionally produced giant spider. My own is only to be used as a warning to make such a thing never again out of clay.
Yes, some wires would have helped, but that came to my mind a little too late.


Riot hat gesagt…

Just so you know the same thing happens when you make Pokémon out of clay . . only with the ears.

Fred Jackson hat gesagt…

Hate to say it but green stuff is the way to go.

Bernd hat gesagt…

Yes, Fred, but my girl had some modelling clay remains and I wanted to give it try. And the fire bowls for the magical fountain are a charm with clay. The problem here are the many tiny legs without a wire frame in it.