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Freitag, 9. Juni 2017

Congo: The bloody path of God

The task of Sir Alistair Winthorpe, a veteran officer of the Crown, was a simple one: Protect the field mission of Father Marcelin in the village of the Boumaqui from the increasingly dangerous attacks of an aggressive jungle tribe, the Akebou. When Winthorpe arrived, everything seemed peaceful, so that he and his men immediately went to a big game hunt, with the exception of a guard unit. After all, he did not want to return to England without a lion's skin.

On this occasion, however, the savages had only been waiting. As soon as the majority of Winthorpes' relief troops had left the village, the half-naked Akebou warriors attacked from two sides. The Ruga-Ruga mercenaries left behind by Winthorpe snatched Father Marcelin, who had just time to clamp the Bible under his arm, and took him in their midst. They would have to fight a way out of the village to flee to Winthorpe's hunting society.

They did not get far. Fearless and bloodthirsty, married tribesmen of the Akebou threw themselves at the surprised Ruga-Ruga, and could only be repelled with difficulty, but the mercenaries and the priest were shocked by the force of the attack. They had to break off their flight and collect themselves again. But then there appeared a group of young warriors, almost still children, who threw their spears in their direction.
At last, the horn of Winthorpe's elite Askaris was heard, and from another direction, the commands of another auxiliary group pushed over the billowing Savannah grass. Father Marcelin drew hope and sent a brief thank-you to Heaven. Looking back at the village, he saw how the Akebou were now trying to plunder the Boumaqui huts and set them on fire as he tried to avoid the attackers' spears in the middle of the Ruga-Ruga.
The end of the elite Askaris came quickly and unexpectedly. Undaunted, the young savages approached them with their spears until the last fidelity had to leave his life. But they should pay for their misdeeds as well as their equally intrepid, adult brethren. Sir Winthorpe's Sikh Guards and a bunch of Askaris were able to save the day and thus Father Marcelin and the wretched rest of the Ruga-Ruga. Little by little, the Akebou fell under the common hail of bullets or were mowed down by the soldiers' bayonets. The savannah turned red. Even the village could resist the attack long enough, so that none of the huts had to be seriously damaged. But Winthorpe's mood was not the best. This unnecessary interruption of his hunting expedition had destroyed his aim of shooting a big cat.

The defenders (Bernd) of the village were able to accompany Father Marcelin successfully off the board, which was worth 10 Victory points. In addition, the defenders were able to extinguish two complete units of the attackers, which added additional 3 victory points each.
The attacker (Michi) succeeded in eliminating a unit of Askaris (0 victory points) by the end of the fifth round, but failed to plunder or set the huts on fire - due to repeated, spectacular failed dice rolls. Therefore no victory points for the attacker, as we decided to finish the game after five rounds.

Since I wanted to play with my own figures (the White Men Expedition), we had to change the scenario slightly. Normally the defenders of the village would have come from the Forest Tribes army list. My first thought in retrospect was that the army lists are not well-balanced, but this is not true and not the reason for the attacker's fail.

Rather, we would have had to adjust the scenario rules to our table size, For example, restrict the movement of the father to "S" without allowing a keeping-up-the-pace movement. A fortunate circumstance for the defenders was, however, that all defender units not placed in the village at the start, by dice luck appeared very close to the attackers and could thus intervene enormously fast in the event.

For now this is our finished Congo terrain board, without the movable jungle plants, rocks, etc. It is not the ideal size and is square instead of oblong rectangular, but larger I can not currently accommodate.

Rumble in the jungle :)

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