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Donnerstag, 26. Juni 2014

Sherwood Forest

Sherwood Forest - who did not hear of it?

Michis attempt of making a SAGA-conform forrest started with cutting some 3mm MDF board to 1´ square tiles.
These tiles were rounded on their edges to appear a bit more organic.
 Some branches of wood that was dried thoroughly for starting fire were cut to an equal length of 6´´.
 The logs were then glued and screwed on the MDF boards.
 The MDF bases got sand from the Scottish North Sea shore glued on with white glue.
 A first coat of brown paint sealed the wood. The sand was then drybrushed light brown.
 A dark green wash added a bit of contrast... did the grey drybrush as well.

 Static grass, grass tufts and foam flocks got glued to the floor.
 Polyurethane foam was sprayed to styrofoam boards that were glued on top.
 The trees got a coat of green paint.
 Then they got another coat of green paint that was covered with herbs.
That layer of herbs was painted green, drybrushed and washed to make it look like leaves.

 There you are: 3 square ft of Sherwood Forest...


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Phil hat gesagt…

Inspired and excellent work!