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Freitag, 18. Mai 2018

Congo: The Last Queen of Aksoum

Professor Mc Inley finally had the legendary jewel crown of the last Queen of Aksoum in his hands. The departure for London, back to the geological society, was planned when an insidious ambush took place last night on the edge of the savannah.

The Emir of Zanzibar and his henchmen had surrounded the professor's base camp in the dark of the night to take possession of the crown. In a hurry, only the essentials were gathered together in order to somehow escape the attackers. However, the Zanzibaris did not know which of the expedition groups hurrying in all directions had the crown with them.

But luck was with the Emir's troops for now. The professor with his loyal Ruga-Ruga were driven into the undergrowth by massive musket fire and could not move from the spot for the time being. The small group of American big game hunters who had joined the expedition were heavily decimated as they fled from the slave hunters' scimitars and had to rush back to the camp. Only the loyal Sikh soldiers were able to repulse the wild attacks and completely destroy one of the Emir's units. However, the Sikhs came under fire from the Emir's snipers, so that after the musket smoke had warped, the valuable artifact lay unprotected in the dust.



Not far from this bloody deed, a few Ascaris of the professor immediately set off, ran like the devil and took the crown. Their fast legs and the protection of the darkness made it impossible for the Emir and his people to catch up with the fugitives. Now the precious piece finds its way to London.

Congo was once again good for a very exciting and action-packed game. The scenario rules created some tactical dilemmas on both sides. As always, the fighting was fast and bloody. With the Victory Points system it was already foreseeable at the end of the third round that the Zanzibaris would probably no longer be able to win the game. So we ended the battle like gentlemen do and were very happy with the adventure.

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