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Sonntag, 22. April 2018

Bolt Action: A side project is growing

An unexpected side project is growing. I have bought a Bolt Action starter box just for fun and I'm very impressed about the quality of the plastic sprues. The vehicle is the very first try to paint a camouflage pattern with an airbrush.


DeanM hat gesagt…

Very nice Hanomag and Heer. Your first "shot" at airbrushing came out great. I have a 1/48th Tamiya 251 that I sprayed Dark Yellow (Dunkelgelb), and still wondering if I should apply green & brown camo stripes by hand as I don't have an airbrush.

Grzegorz Zydor hat gesagt…

Everything perfectly

Kym (Warburton) Jackson hat gesagt…

Nice work, and I see one of the soldiers has managed to win the Knight's Cross!