Geneigte Leser

Freitag, 14. Oktober 2016


Michi has finished all of the Aliens models 
for the Alien vs Predator game by Prodos.
Here is the Queen:

 Next are the Royal Guards or Pretorians:

A Predator mask that was left over from a conversion 
was added to one of those very nice Sulaco bases from Fenris Games:
 Here comes the infamous Predalien, 
another HQ option for the Alien faction in the game:

 21 so called Infant Alien Warriors are the core of the Alien force:

 11 Alien Stalkers reinforce the warriors:
 Finally 5 (adult) Alien Warriors
add to the main force of troops as well:
 New recruits for the Aliens can be provided by Facehuggers 
who implant Xenomorph embrios into their opponents:
 And there is this big massive Alien Crusher 
to add some extra power to the Xenomorph attacks:

 The great Sulaco bases were painted leather brown with silver Alien infestations. 
Both were washed with a Sepia wash.
An additional black wash and 
a gloss varnish was applied for the infestations:

The Facehuggers were painted white and washed with Sepia:
 The Xenomorphs were painted black, 
drybrushed with silver, 
washed with black and gloss varnished:
The "family" photo of the hive shows 
the different sizes of those 28mm scale Xenomorphs. 
The bases are 30, 40 and 50mm in diameter.