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Sonntag, 17. Mai 2015

Camel Train - Shopping in Victorian Cairo

Michi is still alive and kicking to stay in the ranks of the current Lead Painters League of Lead Adventure Forum. The competition is about entering a new group of at least five freshly painted miniatures (or some that were never shown before in the web) every friday for 10 rounds. The table shows the results so far. So much for introduction, here come the photos of round 5 entry: A caravan of Victorian ladies on a shopping tour in Cairo. This was the competing photo:
And these were the ones Michi had to choose from:


Anonym hat gesagt…


DeanM hat gesagt…

Lovely figures and images!

Opa Wuttke hat gesagt…

Sehr schicke Karawane, ich bedaure aber den Kameltreiber. Die Damen sehen aus, als wären sie etwas, nunja: anspruchsvoll ;)

Fritz II. hat gesagt…

Saustark - wie immer :)