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Montag, 5. Januar 2015

Maus & Mystik: An initial overview

Maus & Mystik, an adventure board game with miniatures, which I got for christmas. The quality of the minis is good, the details are ok despite the soft plastic material. Definitely good enough to paint the small number of characters. First off were the giant spider and one of the eight opponent rats.

At a first glance, it is a HeroQuest clone with more emphasis on storytelling. The equipment is neat with 22 miniatures, 8 base parts and a lot of equipment cards and counters. Unlike HeroQuest it is a cooperative game that does not require a gamemaster.


Terror Team hat gesagt…

Sehr schön geworden! Tatsächlich lohnenswert zu bemalende Figuren, Doc!


Michael Peterson hat gesagt…

Mice and Mystics is a terrific game and I've seen at least one other painter do very fine work with the minis. Your Maus looks great, so nice to see a MAUS that isn't a giant tank. ;)
Looking forward to seeing more.
A happy new year to you, Michi.