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Samstag, 13. Dezember 2014

D&RGW 1970s freight train

American Models "S" scale (1/64) freight train converted to run on H0/0n30 tracks of 16.5mm gauge instead of 22mm S gauge.

Michi pressed the wheels to the centres of the axles and ground the engines gearboxes to fit in between the wheels. The train measures 3ft in length.

It was a lucky bid on Ebay Germany that won the never used $350 train for less than 50€!
The diesel engine is one of 22 EMD GP35 that were purchased by Denver & Rio Grande Western between 1964 and 1965.

There is a 50´ steel boxcar and two covered three bay hoppers to complete the freight train.
All cars were weathered with enamels and acrylics.

Scale comparison shot with a heroic 28mm miniature and a truck in 1/64th scale and another with a Bachmann 0n30 1/48th scale steam engine. This photo illustrates how well both scales go together on a gaming table if the narrow gauge Bachmann trains are used as substitutes for standard gauge prototypes. Now the diesel freight train is a narrow gauge one that never existed in reality however.


Opa Wuttke hat gesagt…

Sieht verdammt gut aus der Zug, tolles weathering ! Bin allerdings verwirrt: enamels ? Emailfarbe, Decklack oder... ? Im Deutschen gibts eine ziemliche Auswahl an Übersetzungen, aber was hast Du benutzt ?

Terror Team hat gesagt…

Hallo Opa,

schnöde Revell-Farbe (9 & 84) aus den stinkenden Blechdöschen sind hier gemeint - teilweise deckend, teilweise verdünnt als Lasur aufgetragen...


Opa Wuttke hat gesagt…

Verstehe. Danke !