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Dienstag, 15. Juli 2014

Tiger Lilly

Another paintjob that was commissioned by Michi: Tiger Lilly - she will be travelling across the pond soon.
Eine weitere kleine Auftragsarbeit, die Michi ausgeführt hat. Das Panzerfräulein wird schon bald über den großen Teich reisen.


DeanM hat gesagt…

Another fine lass!

Michael Peterson hat gesagt…

Very nice, Michi. I wonder why she is pointing her gun in the air? To get attention in a bar where her crew are in a bar fight? To shoot down passing RAF planes?
What make of figure is she?

Terror Team hat gesagt…

My dear padre, regretfully I have no clue where that miniature came from. She was a commission I painted for an American customer. Also he should know what her gun is pointing at...
Thanks for the nice comments!