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Samstag, 26. April 2014

Pulp Alley

Friday night, gaming time! This time Doc & Michi tried out the Pulp Alley rules for the first time. That was the third rule set in a series of skirmish systems that Table Terror Team tested in 2014. We compared it to Brink of Battle (which couldn´t pass our test at all) and In Her Majesties Name (which we liked very much). IHMN will definitely remain the rules for Victorian era skirmish on our tables, but Pulp Alley has impacted critically. It is a good candidate to be successor to Blood & Swash which we used for generic skirmish over different periods for years.

Pulp Alley is a very clever system without boring charts and useless dice rolls. It is straightforward, not too detailed and leaves plenty of room for the storytelling element that we oldschool pen&paper roleplayers love so much.
This is what happened yesterday:
German protectorate (somewhere in the eastern European territories), early 1944 - a secret scientific investigation is taking place around a shrine in some desert plains. The Germans have built a railway to provide supplies, scientists and protection to the site. A lone soldier stands guard beside one of two strange medieval buildings (he is the first plot point whose task is to reveal where the second is to find).

There are some henchmen of HYDRA assembled on the railroad track on the lower edge of this photo:

An American task force which is lead by famous Captain America and his sidekick Bucky stands on the track on the upper edge of that photo:

The sentry whistles some tune about a siren on the river Rhine and stands staring bored into nowhere.

The HYDRA villains advance from behind the corrugated tin huts and try to approach the sentinel.

The Captain and one of the agents do the same...

One of the Germans catch a glimpse of the approaching Americans.

These pair in two groups: Cap and two agents on the right...

...and Bucky with another agent on the left of a goods wagon.

Slowly all of them are winning some ground and move forward to the guard.

A bit of shooting at each other causes first casualties...

Captain America climbs on a tank car to overwatch from high ground.

Meanwhile HYDRA focusses on mission objective instead of doing some heroic posing on parked goods wagons and interviews the sentry where to find Oberst von Strutz.

Happy to have somebody to talk to the German explains in all detail where the entrance to the secret bunker is hidden. One of the huts house a staircase that leads deeply below the ground. Just at that moment the Colonel appears in front of the door.

Bucky develops a cunning plan to approach the German Colonel: He ascends another tank car and intents to jump to the roof of the hut next to Von Strutz. Hydra takes out another agent without Bucky taking notice.

As heroic Bucky´s attempts might be, HYDRA is quicker. They contact the Colonel, but fail to get the desired information at first.

The situation isn´t the best for the Americans: With three agents knocked down and only the Captain and Bucky in action, but out of range, the Germans perform way better:

However Bucky manages to jump to the roof while the Germans still haven´t got the information.

He doesn´t notice that he has been trapped with the interviewers being the bait and a stealthy HYDRA henchmen behind an advertising column shooting at him.

But lucky Bucky is a semi-hero at least and returns fire to the villains who goes down immediately.

Then the hero of the day jumps right into a brawl with the interviewers, knocking both down and calling the Captain for help.

Captain America loves to pose atop tank cars and repeats what HYDRA christened the "American Action" meanwhile...

A daring German tries to shoot him from the top but is timbered by the angry Captain instead.

Now round 6 is over and time is running out for the Americans. The Captain was of no use at all. The agents are all dead. Bucky didn´t get in touch with Oberst von Strutz who could have provided the information where one of three secret finds of scientific interest are located: 
- an alien egg
- a crate that contains a piece of the Tesseract
- a mysterious blue phone box that is thought to be a time travelling device
HYDRA got away with one reward and had almost got a second one. The American heroes have to leave for their pick up with empty hands... be continued!

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