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Montag, 24. März 2014

Lead Painters League 8

7 female dwarves made by Lead Adventure Miniatures.
Thanks to Professor Witcheimer for these wonderful miniatures!
7 Zwerginnen von Lead Adventures Miniatures.
Danke an Professor Witchheimer für die wundervollen Miniaturen!



Opa Wuttke hat gesagt…

Die Figuren sind ja putzig, kannt´ich noch gar nicht. Aber die Bemalung ist mal wieder sehenswert. Schön samtige Farben und -übergänge.

Simon Quinton hat gesagt…

They look fantastic. They are characterful sculpts and your paintjob enhances them greatly.

abdul666 hat gesagt…

Best wishes, they are great!

If I may hijack this thread of comments, who makes the great female werewolf illustrated in your "Ai vis lo lop" post?
Is she commercialized? She's clearly different from (and far better than) the SLAP minis 'Female Moon Howlers'.

Your fantastic paintjob makes minis very attractive, but unfortunately often you don't mention their origin / manufacturer.

Terror Team hat gesagt…

Hello Abdul666,

thanks for the nice comment.
The female werewolf is no conversion. If I remember correctly, it came in a set by Ral Partha/White Wolf from their 1990s Vampire/Werewolf range. Although it could be from Reaper as well...? However there is another female that is actually a conversion I posted in my May 2008 thread "Werwölfe im Sonnenlicht".


abdul666 hat gesagt…

Thanks! She indeed looks very much like an old Reaper one but *better*: thanks to the tremendous paintjob, certainly.

Terror Team hat gesagt…

Yes Abdul666, you´re right: That´s the one, the Reaper sculpt by van Schaik.