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Samstag, 11. Januar 2014

Does anyone have ammunition? A first attempt with Zombicide

Welcome to a new year full of miniatures, tabletop games and hopefully other cool stuff around our hobby.

End of last year I decided to throw my money at a Kickstarter project: Zombicide. Now it was time to give it a first try with the tutorial mission, which should last around 30 minutes.

So I grabbed my girlfriend, gave her three of the characters and confronted her with the advancing undead. Zombicide is a very fast paced game in which the players are playing against the mechanics of the game, the zombies. The survivors have at least 3 actions in each round (e.g.  movemelee, use of ranged weapons, loot, trade, etc.). Most of the zombies got 1 action (move or attack). Each of the characters can carry up to 5 items, which are represented with equipment cards that are placed on the character sheet. In addition each character has different properties.
We had a lot of fun to collect equipment, to kill zombies and to try to meet the mission objective. There are dozens of different scenarios, which differ significantly in difficulty and board composition.
Included are lots of miniatures, which I will hopefully have all painted during the year.

Update one day later:
On the first real world mission we were slaughtered. But it's still great fun to play. :)

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